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americans were attacked again. in two attacks, in egypt and in libya. apparentry terrorists attacking us again on 9/11. the embassy in egypt was stormed. the american flag was brought down and a black flag was raised by those who came into the compound. in libya, the consulate was attacked, set afire and our ambassador to libya, chris stevens, was murdered. and according to the bbc hi body was brought through the streets in benghazi. the groups are individuals that committed these acts must be found. there's no evidence yet there was any act by either one of these two governments but by individuals or even by groups. in libya, al qaeda cousins, as i call them, claims responsibility for the murder of our u.s. ambassador. it's no coincidence that these two attacks occurred nearly at the same time and they both occurred on the anniversary of 9/11. immediately, the attackers blamed a movie that was produced as the reason, an excuse, a justification for murdering. it's never the fault of a movie. it's never the fault of the united states. it's never the fault of western culture that people ar
improvements in people's lives. this is not right. look at libya since the fall of gaddafi. now plans to integrate the police and army. none of this is to ignore the huge and so bring challenges that remain. the murder of ambassador chris stevens was a despicable act of terrorism, but the right response is to finish the work that chris stevens gave his life to. that is with the vast majority of libyans want to do. if we saw that so inspiring last weekend as they took to the streets, refusing to allow extremists to hijack their chance for democracy. the arabs rain has brought progress in egypt where they have a certain civilian control over the military. where a elections have brought new governments to power and in morocco where there is a new institution and a prime minister appointed on the basis of a popular vote for the first time. even further, somalia has taken the first step forward by electing a new president. there has been progress and none of it would have come about without people standing up last year and demanding change or without this united nations having the courage
libya. speechpresident gave a yesterday. the president of libya will make remarks this afternoon at 5:00 eastern. tonight more campaign 2012 coverage with the nevada senate race. watchers consider this to be one of the closest races in the country. it is live tonight at 11:00 eastern on c-span and c-span raider and online at c-spanrg. earlier today we spoke with a reporter covering this race. host: tonight the first of a series of debates in nevada between two people, dean hlleelr and shelly berkely. guest: this phrase has been very close for every year at this point, and polls have shown this week that mr. heller was up a few points. most polls show a tight. -- a tie. each candidate needs to find a way to break out. from heller, you can expect to see some attacks on ethics issues, which is that shelley berkley is under investigation, and this is expected to be a big issue in the race. everybody thought it would be eight games change. host: what for? guest: committee is investigating whether she used her position in congress to help benefit her husband's business. in july they made th
in libya in the service of their country. we grieve for their families, we grieve for their friends, and all who may have come to harm and will come to harm, hopefully no more, but our thoughts and prayers are with them. it is important during times when americans are attacked and american soil, american buildings are attacked, which is what an american embassy is, that the world understand that there will be consequences for those who sometimes want to ask, well, aren't you a christian? don't you beeve in turning the other cheek? the answer is, yes. individually. but there is a different charge for the government. there is a different charge for the people who have the responsibility of government and protecting the people and their rights. the united states government has the obligation to protect our citizens, to protect those who are serving this country and as far as our military, to give them everything they need to win whatever it takes, give them rules of engagement to allow them to win at all -- whatever it takes. and then come home. so it grieves me much also to see that a
the deaths of the american ambassador to libya, chris stevens, and three other state department personnel . still speaking personally infuriated by those attacks that resulted from a movement against, which i believe to be a terrorist act, against our consulate in benghazi on the 11th anniversary of the attacks of september 11. these attacks do many things, but they remind us i think first of the bravery and commitment of government officials who serve in countries around the world, supporting the struggles of people in those countries, to live free. and by doing so work to improve our own national security. the attack in libya also reminds us that even though the core of al qaeda has been seriously weakened, we still face threats from an evolving and fractious set of terrorist groups and individuals united by a common ideology which is that of haven't -- violent islamist extremism. i'll have some questions to ask the three of you about the nature of the terrorist threat today and specifically with regard to the reaction to this film whether you think it has raised the threat level agains
and you're talking about using libya as a base to fly drones. there were these wellsprings of anti-americanism. the best outreach was through a fellow islamists who had made the journey toward a more pragmatic political stance and some of these people, the muslim brotherhood, they could talk in the same vocabulary and they said you are entitled to have these hard-line views on sharia but you cannot do it through force. this our reach was ongoing as well. my point was i think some humble less about what the u.s. can accomplish in this country and respect for the libyan's ability to regulate their own society and police themselves. >> i would echo that. . i think outreach, that kind of thing is bipartisan. it has been extremely evidence in the urban area. there are some exceptions. think of the committee that offers training to brigade leaders. i attended one where they got a uae member to come over. they had an interesting discussion. games where you got to draw using the least amount of lines. and day discussion our constitution and elections and everything -- and a discussion on t
of it is going to libya or egypt. ambassador has been killed and the muslim brotherhood runs egypt and we are going to give them money? i would like to have an answer. the speaker pro tempore: the chair cannot respond to that inquiry. the chair cannot respond to that inquiry and the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. mr. rogers: i rise in strong opposition to the motion to recommit. this procedural motion is nothing more than a tactic designed to score political points for the cameras. if we work fervently, in good faith to put together a c.r. that meets the nation's critical needs for the next six months, we did take care of our veterans in this bill. we did take care of our stroops -- troops. with the funding, $2.1 billion more than last year. the c.r. provides necessary funds for our troops' pay raise. the only problem, madam speaker, in order for the checks to go out, the senate has to pass an authorization bill, which they have been sitting on for months. it's time for the senate to act on behalf of our troops and our veterans. now, we've got to pass this c.r. to keep the governm
occurred in both egypt and libya. in egypt, the embassy was overrun with cops. they did not ran away -- run away. the libyan cops ran away, didn't protect the embassy and worst of all, the ambassador was killed, so to speak. i don't know exactly how. along with three other consulate personnel. i did not believe the american response was adequate. the american embassy in egypt initially put out a statement that was denunciatory of the video that some muslims were saying was the reason for the attack. it was not sufficiently denunciatory of the egyptian government, in my judgment. hillary put out a magnificent statement that follows the white house, repudiating the american embassy statement and making a statement calling the egyptian government to task. in libya, we were more conciliatory because the libyan president denounced the attack. but that is not adequate. if they can't control the cops and military, it is not a government. we should be denunciatory. i doubt there is a single country in the world left in civilization that would not have called back its ambassador. and certainly cut o
dozen bills on the agenda today, including one honoring the diplomats killed in libya, in benghazi last week, and the re-authorization today of the federal emergency management agency. live coverage here on c-span at 2:00 p.m. eastern. host: the chair of the hamilton county, ohio, democratic party, tim. in cincinnati. and the republican party chair, alexander, from hamilton county. and from columbus, ohio, is jim, the political correspondent for wbnf-tv, the cbs affiliate in that city. gentlemen, thank you very much for being with us. jim heath, let me begin with you. hamilton county, ohio, has traditionally been a republican county, 1968 through 2004, a traditional republican county. in 2008 it went democratic. barack obama winning by 29,000 votes. what changed? >> well, a lot of republicans moved out of hamilton county into surrounding counties, steve, but there's one thing for certain in this election like past elections, the southwestern corner of ohio will be pivotal for mitt romney. he's got to get that back. he's got to perform better in hamilton county than john mccain did four
's notice to the coast of libya to enforce the no-fly zone and rescue a downed american pilot. in 2010 after seven tough years we left iraq. and as you know, we are engaged today in afghanistan's hell man province. we come from the sea. having our marines on ships and available around the world accomplishes many things. the mere presence of a war ship offshore loaded with marines or even the knowledge that there are only a few days away is often enough to curb the actions of many actors around the world. while our sister services act in a single domain, the army on land, navy at sea and air force in space, the marines are different. we don't operate in a singledom ain but operate in the lane, the lane that opens up in the stages of conflicts that transcends all three of the dwow mains that i spoke of. we bring a combined arms force that can respond as quickly as required. this force may be needed to open the door for the larger joint force or follow-on capabilities across the elements of our national power. lastly, since we are all concerned about the fiscal challenges facing our nation that
of ambassador chris stevens in libya and three of his diplomatic colleagues. he also made two important points, that americans obviously want to show great religious tolerance for the views of others, and onand wanted to dissociate the united states from that hateful video that insulted the prophet of islam. he said that there are important rights of free speech under the first amendment and we have to protect those rights, and if the government a press free-speech, it makes the world a less free place. he also had a message for iran, that while we want to negotiate through diplomacy if possible, time is not unlimited. that was a warning to the iranian government, which has been obstreperous and very difficult to deal with. i think it was a very important speech the president gave in new york. host: how about mitt romney? can you assess from what you have heard and hear him write these past few months? is there a romney doctrine on foreign policy? how would you encapsulate it? guest: i don't know if there is a romney doctrine yet. governor romney is a very smart, successful person. my guess is
and observe a moment of silence in honor of ambassador stevens and the american personnel killed in libya. the speaker: the house will resume voting. the chair: without objection, two-minute voting will continue. the unfinished business is the request for a recorded vote on amendment number 2 printed in part b of house report 112-660 by the gentleman from new jersey, mr. holt, on which further proceedings were postponed and on which the noes prevailed by voice vote. the clerk will redesignate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 2 printed in part b of house report 112-660 offered by mr. holt of new jersey. the chair: a recorded vote has been requested. those in support of the request for a recorded vote will rise and be counted. a sufficient number having arisen, a recorded vote is ordered. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a two-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or
. as a diplomat, he worked from egypt to syria. from saudi arabia to libya. he was known for walking the streets of the cities where he worked, meeting as many people as he could, speaking arabic, listening with a broad smile. chris went to benghazi in the early days of the libyan revolution, a riding on a cargo ship. as america's representative, we helped the libyan people. as they cared for the wounded, and crafted a vision in which the rights of all libyans would be respected. libyans held elections and built new institutions. and began to move forward after decades of dictatorship. chris stevens loved his work. he took pride in the country he served. he saw dignity in the people that he met. two weeks ago he traveled to benghazi to review plans to establish a new cultural center and modernize a hospital. that is one of america's compound came under attack. along with three of his colleagues, chris was killed, in the city he helped save. he was 52 years old. i tell you this story because chris stevens embodied the best of america. like his fellow foreign service officers, he build bridges acr
hatred and intolerance. mr. president, libya emphasizes its affiliation to africa, the importance of shipping policies with africa and the world, once which were based in the past on extortion. we want them to be a relation based on a firm interest for the interests of all the people. the new libya dissociates itself from the republic of past and extends a hand in freedom and friendship to initiate new relations, built on mutual respect and fruitful cooperation. in conclusion, excellencies, mr. president, let me wish this session full success in solving the issues on our agenda. i express the hope that the spirit of solidarity and cooperation will prevail in order to create a better world -- one left with security and stability. thank you, and may god's blessings be upon you. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to tell the president of the dinner -- general national conference of libya -- i wish to thank the president of the general national conference of libya for the statement he just made. >> more speeches from the united nations tonight here on c-span. at 8
long, someone jumped on to something. just a couple days with libya, it bothered me because i would like our leader to think about things. >> susan? >> at times it seems very ambiguous and confusing, mostly negative, and also the sound bites tried everything. i agree with everything being set so far. >> what most disappoints you about this campaign? >> i think talking points. i am so frustrated with talking points, and i am frustrated with the media where if you are going to ask a question, then make sure the question is answered. did not let them allow you to mow you down with a talking point. >> i'm not frustrated. >> ok, good. >> because? >> being still young and the politics is still new. this is only my third presidential election, so everything seems like it should be going, and nothing seems out of the ordinary, nothing seems bad or good in that respect. >> charlie, i do you agree? >> i am not frustrated by anything. i disagree with the whole campaign seems to be about sound bites, but i am not frustrated. >> is anybody else disappointed? >> politics is normal, and part of it
will speak. this is the headline in "the washington post." "she helped rally support in libya." guest: it is an election year for president. there will not be any dramatic action until a new administration comes in. i think the administration has been cautious about this sort of intervention in syria, military intervention. libya and syria are apples and oranges. that complicates the diplomacy on a regional level. there have been calls to create the safe havens. that requires the no-fly zone. syria has a more advanced defense system that libya does not have. it is dangerous for any coalition to go in to establish a no-fly zones. even in libya it wasn't easy. it is a much more difficult situation in libya then syria. host: why the title for your book, "syria: the fall of the house of assad"? guest: i thought he would most likely be in power when the book came out. i got to know him pretty well. i met with them regularly. i had hoped that he would reform the country and would take it in a different direction. i think he was interested in that in the beginning. the authoritarian system c
of many of yours, along with three of his colleagues, recently returned from libya to enter this after the assassination in libya. chris stevens was one of our best and brightest. we have a lot of great foreign officers. we have very few who are equally adept at managing complexities of washington as they are about as in the complexities of the region. chris was one of that small tribe i feel his loss very deeply. and personally. it is a reminder that diplomacy in the hard parts of the world. -- those parts are growing tremendously. it is not stuck could keep things -- pin stripes and those who ride with you on these missions. i was an ambassador six times- lebanon, kuwait, syria, pakistan, iraq, afghanistan. in three of those six -- six countries, half of them, the predecessor was assassinated. i don't need to tell this audience but you're foreign service is and has been and can't -- will continue to be not just on the bromides of the plummeted of from lives of the conflict. it was suggested to be that i talk a bit this set to an that the the juror get a sedan in u.s. interests. i'm n
of our ambassador to libya being murdered and his body being desecrated by terrorists. in conclusion, god bless america and we will never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from rhode island seek recognition? mr. cicilline: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from rhode island is recognized for one minute. mr. cicilline: the house is scheduled to adjourn for six weeks with no plans to come back into session until november. on behalf of the hardworking rhode islanders i serve i rise to express my deep disappointment that the house republican leadership is choosing to adjourn and abandon the middle class when so much work is left to be done. in my home state, nearly 60,000 men and women cannot find work. more than 50,000 homes have mortgages that are underwater. but instead of working to pass a comprehensive jobs plan, provide relief to homeowners or passing the middle class tax cuts, house republi
of our workers. from birth to libya -- on burma to libya -- from burma to lib ra, we have advance the rights and dignity of all human beings, men and women, christians and muslims and jews. terrorist plots must be disrupted. you're opposed the crisis must be contained. crisis must be contained. our commitment to israel's security must not waver and neither must our pursuit of peace. the iranian government must face a world united against its nuclear ambitions. the historic change across the arab world must not be defined by the age of extremists but by the hopes and aspirations of ordinary people reaching for the same rights we celebrate here today. now, we have a choice. my opponent and his running mate are new to foreign policy. [cheers] from all that we have seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blustering and blundering that cost america so dearly. after all, you do not call russia our number one enemy unless you are still stuck in a cold war mindset. [cheers] you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you cannot visit the olympics without insulting
libya, like egypt, maybe we need to re-evaluate the money we send to them. at the very least what we ought to do in countries like libya and egypt and some of these other countries that are destroying american property as we speak, who are -- who have looted, and destroyed our embassies, like in egypt, we at least ought to take the money we are going to give them in aid and take a portion of it out to help rebuild the embassies that are in that country. and pay for the property damage. and probably take even money out given to libya, pay reparations to the four americans killed in libya. let's use some common sense when we are spending money overseas and maybe we shouldn't be trying to go all over the world and play nice with people. we have had a foreign aid problem since before i was born and we continue to give money to countries in the hope that they will like us. well, how's that working for you? not too good. is the way i see it. you know, mr. speaker, we don't need to continue to support countries like pakistan. i'm astonished we still give money to pakistan. they harbored osa
of appeasement and take a staunch position regarding libya, egypt, and others in order to ensure a more calculated approach. thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from georgia reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from florida. mr. hastings: mr. speaker, before yielding to my good friend and colleague, mr. mcgovern, three minutes from massachusetts, i would just urge my colleague from pennsylvania to know that all of us are mindful and rightly should be concerned about what is transpiring in the middle east. . but he cites to one set of finances and i would urge that he look at how and why the united states is involved in a compact with the egypt military for the money. that are distributed there. and not base it on what is happening today. but look at what has happened throughout the years to assist and stabilizing that area. it didn't just happen overnight. it happened as a result of a serious compact in peace negotiations. i'm very pleased to yield to my good friend, mr. mcgovern, three minutes. the speaker pro tempore: t
, a couple of days ago with the whole thing of libya, it was just real quick, right away, it really bothered me because i'd like our leader to think about things. >> susan, what are you thinking? >> at times it seems ambiguous and confusing, mostly negative and the sound bites drive everything and reactionary. i'm agreeing with almost everything everyone has said here so far. >> and what most disappoints you about this campaign? >> i think talking points. i am so incredibly frustrated with talking points. i'm frustrated with the media, if you're going to ask the question, make sure the question is answered. don't allow them to mow you down with talking points and never get around. >> and what frustrates you? >> i'm not really frustrated. >> ok, good, high five for you. good. i'm not frustrated because? >> i think i'm still young and all this is still kind of new, this is only the third presidential election i've been paying attention to, nothing eems -- seems out of the ordinary or bad or good in that respect. >> charlie, do you agree? >> i don't feel -- i'm not frustrated by anything. i do
-span. and at 5:00 p.m., we will go live into the united nations in new york. the president of libya is speaking before the united nations general assembly. president obama spoke on monday. it will be the president of libya today making remarks at 5:00 p.m. eastern. tonight we have more campaign 2012 coverage with the nevada senate debate. and democratic congresswoman berkeley. but consider this to be one of the closest races. that is tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. and on c-span radio and c- >> to foster work and enterprise in the middle east, and other developing countries, i will initiate something i will call prosperity packs, working with the private sector. the program will identify the barriers to investment and trade ind entrepreneurship an developing nations. in exchange from developing nations will receive united states assistance packages focused on developing the institutions of liberty, the rule of law and property rights. >> we believe that freedom and self-determination are not unique to one culture. isn't that simply american values or western values? they are universal
at the american consulate in benghazi, libya. our embassy was breached in cairo, egypt, with the flag being desecrated. unfortunately, the president's failed has reduced the army to the smallest size since 1929, reducing the navy to the smallest fleet since 1916 and reducing the air force to the smallest size since it was created. this endangers our national security and puts american families and our allies at risk. additionally, the president supports sequestration, has done nothing to halt the defense budget cuts which will limit the capabilities of our armed forces while destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs. american families deserve better. to continue to promote democracy and peace, we must implement president ronald reagan's approach of providing peace through strength. the bias of the coordinated disinformation of the liberal media is a disgrace to journalism. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we will never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from rhode island rise? mr. cicilline: i ask unanimous
yesterday in libya. it was such a tragedy. mr. speaker, there's another tragedy. it's called afghanistan. like most of my closing last month, i was home, been here in washington three days and back home as well as the last three days here, more and more people coming in concerned about budget cuts, worried about sequestration and we are all hearing it. and yet there's no debate about afghanistan. it just keeps going on and on and on. i'm pleased to say next thursday, a group of democrats and republicans have joined me for a press conference. the author of this book called "funding the enemy." subtitle, "how u.s. taxpayers bank roll the taliban." the author of this book is coming to washington next wednesday and we will hold a news conference at 10:00. the reason for this is to continue to remind congress the american people are for -- excuse me -- has been speaking out about pulling our troops out of afghanistan. sooner rather than later. and i hope that this news conference with mr. wissing will continue to beat the drum of bringing our troops home in 2013, not 2014. that's the presiden
it the persian gulf for nothing. we got worked up when we launched cruise missiles in the mid-1980s in libya. the knockout pan am 103. what do we do afterwards? it is not as simple as saying, "we're going in there." i think we up to be conscious of what it means we draw a line. >> i would reiterate that we need to have leadership in this country when it comes to foreign policy. we have not seen that in the last four years. we're witnessing the turmoil, which i believe is due in part to that. we have seen terrorism in al qaeda research is in libya. this world is not a safe place. our world has changed in the last 11 years, becoming less safe. if we do not have strong messages sent from washington, and makes it even less safe. >> the next question is for senator fischer. >> it has been said the greatest threat to america right now is is accumulating debt, $16 trillion and counting. so security, medicare and medicaid are the main problems going forward. what real solutions would you come up with? >> $16 trillion in debt. who would ever have thought that? who would have thought it for years ago?
witnesses come in and tell you how it works. we witnessed a rather sad event in libya just the other day. i was a foreign service officer, and i felt very strongly the feeling of sadness and grief when foreign service officers died. suppose one of them had an outstanding student loan signed for their parents while they went to georgetown school of whatever, the fact that this bill covers that line of duty? no. so now we're taking one little narrow class and we're drawing one narrow little bill when in fact a lot of people who in the line of duty it killed and debt forgiveness makes sense as it does for the carpenters and for the families who co-signed the loan. when your son or daughter goes off to college and you sign a loan with them, you don't expect them to die, but you certainly aren't going to withhold your signature if that's the only way your son or daughter gets an opportunity to pay for college. but this bill says service connected and doesn't define service connected and only if it's in the military. there are a lot of other people who serve this country, police officers, firemen
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)